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29 Aug

The 5Fs of Street Photography

30 May

Some tips to help you work on your project:



Here is a slide show I created to help you understand this better:

New Projects

16 May


Hello Photographers,

Today we are going to start a long term Conceptual Photography project.

This project is going to be a combination of photography, design, and art.

Here is the link that inspired this project:

40 Outstanding Examples of Conceptual Photography

You are going to plan your project today.  This is an individually driven project.  You can choose any topic you like and create images to communicate that idea in any number of ways (straight photography, staged image, Photoshop etc.).

Here are some suggestions to get your creative juices flowing:
  • Create a series of photographs to accompany your favorite song.
  • Create an image to become the cover of your favorite book, movie, or album.
  • Use photography to tell a story without words.
  • Create a “mockumentary” about an issue you care about.
  • Document the building and destruction going on around us here in the Global Education City.

This project is an opportunity for you to pursue what interests you.  From now on, I will provide mini-lessons on various topics at the start of each class and meet with you individually to help you push your projects forward.


9 May

In photography one element often makes a picture great:

Here is a slideshow to help you understand what makes up strong composition.


 Your task:

Choose one slide.

Go out and take at least 5 pictures of good examples of that “Tip”.

Go out and take at lease 5 pictures that are non-examples of that “Tip”.

Post all of them on your wordpress blog, and include your explanation of that tip.

Part 2

We have to photograph every person who will participate in the play – the head shots will become part of the set.

Take a list of the students and go out and find them.  Take their picture from the shoulders up.  Tell them you are under orders from Ms. L and Mr. Hettick 😉

Bring your cameras to me along with the list of names that you found.


Candid Photography + Photo Editing Punch

18 Apr

Today’s Lesson is in 2 Parts:

Candid Photography

  • Read the following links.  They will give us some tips on candid photography.



Photo Editing to improve the look of a Photograph

  • We will work with Picasa to improve the appearance of our photographs.

Poster Contest

11 Apr

Portraits and Documentary Combined

Today your task is to capture students and teachers around campus practicing visual or performing arts.

That means use the portrait setting, or the action shot setting on your camera to capture your images.

Upload them to your MacBook and use Picasa to enhance your favorite images.

Email me your favorite shots, and upload them to your WordPress blog also.



Welcome! Bienvenue! Bienvenidos! 환영합니다!

3 Apr

This is where you are going to find the information you need

Each day, I will post our “focus” here.  My goal it to teach you to take wonderful pictures using these:

Canon EOS D550 DSLR

Each week we will learn a new feature of these cameras, as well as a new photography technique.

To start with here is a copy of the information I handed out to you in the Photo Pro Brochure.

KIS Photo Pro Intro

Photo Credits: Ansel Adams, View of cactus and surrounding area “Saguaros, Saguaro National Monument,” Arizona. (Vertical Orientation) – Hippocrab – Henri Cartier-Bresson, Dieppe France, 1926 – Edward Burtynsky, Wushan #3, Three Gorges Dam Project, 2002 – Robert Frank.

Today’s Tasks:

  1. Create you own WordPress blog to share you photographs.
  2. Download the Canon D550 Manual.
  3. Download the Canon D550 Software.
  4. Complete the Survey for Landscape May.

How to create a WordPress blog:


1-First go to www.wordpress.com – click on sign up.

2-Fill out the form, choose a name for your blog, a username for your WordPress account (you can have many different blogs under this account), create a password and confirm that password – that means retype the same password.

3-Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click – Create Blog.

4-Check your email.  Check the email account you used to activate your new blog.


5-Click on activate blog, it will open WordPress in a new browser tab.

6-Go your blog.

Mouse over your user name in the top right corner – you will see your blog title at the bottom of the drop-down menu.

7 – This will take you to your Dashboard.  This is the control panel of your blog.  Here you can add pages to your blog, add posts to your blog, change the settings and the appearance of your blog.

Some more tips:

  • You can always see what the world sees, what your site looks like by clicking on your blog’s name at the top left.
  • To change the look of your blog choose, Appearance – Theme, then select a theme to activate.
  • To edit a post look for the edit button at the bottom of the post.  The same goes for pages.
  • To “save” a new post click – publish.
  • To “save” after you edit a post click – update.

Remember, you can always ask me for help – ANYTIME 🙂

Landscape May Survey