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Holiday Portraits

8 Dec

Next week is the last week before the holidays!

To get us in the holiday spirit, your assignment (or project) will be to take some portraits of your fellow KIS students.

Go find some interesting people, ask them what they plan on doing over the holidays, take their picture (4-5 Different Pictures) and upload their picture to your WordPress website with a comment on who they are and what they plan on doing for the holidays.

Here is my example – I took a picture of myself!

Miss L is going to celebrate the holidays in Phuket!

To see exactly how to do this, read the post below called: Posting Pictures to Your WordPress Blog.

When you insert more than one image to your post, you can select to insert a gallery or a slide show.  It is up to you what you want your page to look like.

Have Fun!!!


Welcome to Photo Club!

1 Dec

This is where you are going to find the information you need

Each day, I will post our “focus” here.  My goal it to teach you to take wonderful pictures using these:

Canon EOS D550 DSLR

Each week we will learn a new feature of these cameras, as well as a new photography technique.

To start with here is a copy of the information I handed out to you in the Photo Pro Brochure.

KIS Photo Pro Intro

Photo Credits: Ansel Adams, View of cactus and surrounding area “Saguaros, Saguaro National Monument,” Arizona. (Vertical Orientation) – Hippocrab – Henri Cartier-Bresson, Dieppe France, 1926 – Edward Burtynsky, Wushan #3, Three Gorges Dam Project, 2002 – Robert Frank



1 – Go to this website:

2 – Read the page.

3 – Write three questions you have about that page.  For example:  Why does Cartier-Bresson think it is important to crop a picture “in-camera”?

4 – Participate in the class discussion.

5 – Sign out a camera.

6 – Take pictures of everyone doing their activities today.

7 – Leave time to upload your pictures to your computer.



Next time you will create a website to share what you are doing in our club with the world!  You can start right now if you like.  Go to and see if you can figure out how to create your website.  Please send me the address of your site by email so that I can link it to our class site.

-Keep shooting!