Black and White

23 Feb


Two whole weeks ago, you had to choose your favorite black and white photograph.

Now you have to create a blog post about this photograph on you blog.

Here is what you have put in your blog post:


Find out the following information:

  • Photographer’s name
  • Photograph’s title
  • The date the photograph was taken
  • The subject matter in the photograph (ex. is it a photograph of a famous mountain)

Put this information into one paragraph.


Research this photographer.  Find out anything you can about them, and especially about how they take pictures.

Write a second paragraph that tells what you have learned about this photographer.


In your last paragraph…

tell us how you plan to take pictures that will look like the photograph that you have chosen.  What is your plan?  Use detail to explain exactly how you are going to do it.

If you finish this early, sign out a camera and go out and try!  Upload your tests to your blog!

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