Fine Art Showcase

10 Jan

January 20th 2012 – Show them what you got!

10 Days from now you will be showing off your talents for everyone to see.

You have approximately 1 or 2 classes to select a photograph for the show on the 20th.

Today you can take more pictures, work on a photograph you have already taken (using Picasa or Skitch for example), or create a collage.

You MUST choose a picture to have printed by the end of the day today if this is your last class before the show, or Thursday if that is your last class.  You must also think of a title for it.

I will have all of the pictures printed this weekend.  There will be no Photo Club next week because of the performances.  On Tuesday and Thursday all students will have to participate in or watch the performances.

If you need ideas for photographs here are a few:

– Take a picture of one of your friends.  Alter that picture using the effects in Picasa to really show what you know about your friend.

– Complete the collage project.  See the previous post below. This time though create a collage about something that interests you.

– Take a picture of your favorite thing in black and white.

-Take a close up picture of something that seems ordinary.  Use the macro setting.  It is fun to make something look strange or surprising.


Really, it is up to you!

I want to see something you created that you feel really proud of.  So get out there and take a lot of pictures and make sure you choose one to include in the art show.

Thanks guys,



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