Collage and Simple Effects

5 Jan

Photos can often be arranged in a collage…

Putting pictures in a collage helps to communicate a specific idea.

Today you will learn how to use Picasa to create a collage of your own.  You will also learn how to use some simple effects to enhance, or improve, your pictures.

Part 1

Choose a subject for your photo collage.  It can be your favorite sport, your favorite place on campus, trees, shoes, the contents of your locker, winter at KIS etc.  From there you will take a whole bunch of pictures about that subject.

For example, if my subject is swimming, I might take pictures of people swimming, people waiting to get into the pool, the empty pool, the locker room, the towels on the side of the pool, the pool’s equipment etc.  I would take pictures even after I think that I have already taken all the great pictures.  I would take pictures even after I think that I have taken all of these pictures already.

Part 2

Upload your pictures to your camera and launch Picasa.

If this is the first time you use Picasa it will upload all of the pictures it finds on your computer.  Be patient.

When this is done you should be able to find the folder with you pictures in it by looking at the menu on the right hand side of the window.

At the bottom of the Picasa window you should see a botton called “Collage”.  Click on that.

This is where you can create your collage.  You can choose the background color.  You can select a boarder for your photos.  You can select the type of collage.  I want you to use the picture pile format.

Click on the “Clips” tabe to see the photographs from your folder.  You can select a photo and the click the + sign.  This will drop the image into the middle of the collage.  Click on it to drag it to another area.  You can rotate the image and also change the size of the image as well.

When you ar finished adding pictures to your collage, click on “Create Collage”.  This will turn your collage into a new single jpeg file.  Once you have done that you can experiment with the effects you see on the left.

Here is another collage I created.


Create your own collage.  Have fun with it.

By the way, welcome back to KIS and Happy 2012 🙂

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