Week 2

6 Dec

Last week…

You uploaded all of the important software to your computer.

You sent me your bio – a Photo Booth picture of yourself including your name and three projects you would like to do this semester in Photo Club.

You also started creating your very own worpress.com website.  If you did not finish, please click here and follow the instructions to create one.  This is where you will put all of the images you take in the future.

This week…

Lesson 1

Your camera has several basic functions.  One of them is called CREATIVE AUTO.  Creative Auto is different from full auto.


See your D550 Manual page 55.

In Creative Auto mode you have control over more of your camera’s features than you do in Full Auto.

Here are the things you can control in Creative Auto Mode:

1- Flash (Auto Flash, Flash On, Flash off)

2- Background ( Blurred <—> Sharp)

3- Exposure (Darker <—> Brighter)

4- Image Effects (Standard, Portrait – Smooth Skin Tones, Landscape – Vivid Blues and Green, Monochrome Image)

5- Single, Continuous, Self-Timer Shooting

6- Image Recording Quality


Read page 55 and 56 in your manual.  Try changing the settings in your camera.

Press the [Q] Button at the back of the camera and the cross keys to navigate the screen.  

Roll the Main Dial near the Shutter Button to change the setting.  See p. 16 and 17 if you are not sure.

Your task:

1-Choose something to photograph.

2-Take a picture of it using a different setting each time.  (You should have about 24 pictures)

3-Upload your images to your camera.

4-Look at each image and think of why they are different.

5-Upload the images to your website.

Here is my example:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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