4 Dec

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Using Photoshop Elements (Computer Lab)

Using iPhoto


Landscape Photography

12 Nov

Our group is going on a field trip to Sanbangsan and Sagye Beach.  This is one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited and it is right down the road from our school.  To prepare ourselves to capture the landscape in this beautiful place here are some of the tips we are going to learn.

Click on the link to find the Landscape Photography Cheat Sheet

Create a Postcard

6 Sep

Tell your story

Use photography to capture what life is like for you here at KIS.  Create a postcard with that photo, next week will print it so you can share it with who you want!

– Ms. Langlois

Tips for great composition

4 Sep

How to upload images to your blog

4 Sep

Bridgton, Maine USA

4 Sep

Bridgton, Maine USA

Photo Club Lesson 8/30

30 Aug